You've published a book, now what?

How do you market a book in 2012?
Books to Believe In will show you the way!

There are three phases in every book's life,
being written, being published and being read.
If you don't keep the third objective in mind at all times,
your book might just languish.

We, at Books to Believe In know where to start and
know where to take your book for maximum results!

Marketing Plan

Remember those two very important questions we asked you about your book?

Well, here's where the rubber meets the road and we create a plan to get your book noticed, sold, read and reviewed. Having been through this process hundreds of times over the last decade, we've got the experience to know where to put our efforts and we can change quickly with the technology (thanks to our in-house set of Nerds).

There isn't a one-size-fits-all method to marketing books, so we take the time with you to maximize your assets to give you a great return on the time, energy and money you'll invest in marketing your book.

We spend hours training up authors to empower them to do much of this work themselves, while we market our entire line of books (which includes your book). But if you want/need some special marketing training, it becomes part of the "Plan" for you.

For a free 15-minute consult,
please call 303.794.8888
between 10-5 (MST), M-F

Social Media Tools

We have created a social media strategy to launch books that utilizes 7 of today's social media platforms. When your book is ready, we put it in the pipeline and it gets noticed. When you're really ready to send it to the top of the best-seller list, we have 10-day social media intensive package that will build you a solid and lasting presence on the Internet. Your book WILL get read!

The authors who implement our Social Media packages see an incredible long-term return on their investments!

Unique Advertising Ops

Have I said the word "Nerd" enough times? Well, we can blast your book out on 100 websites with 10,000 webpages almost instantly. Remember, we're authors first and have developed these tools for our own use. They work and they're fun and when you couple this advertising with the social media training we provide, book sales are just a natural part of the process!

Whether you've published your book through us or not,
you are eligible to take the next step.

Simply click through the following link
to e-mail our Submissions Department.
Tell us who you are, how to contact you
and a little bit about your book.
We'll get back to you within 48 hours.

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