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So you want to write a book?
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  • Books To Believe In offer Book Coaching
  • We also offer FORESITEs™
  • We also offer Pre-Book Marketing Consultations
  • Books To Believe In has been in business since 2001
  • We have published hundreds of books for hundreds of authors
  • And sold hundreds of thousands of books
  • Happy clients and tons of return customers
  • In-house nerds keeping us on the cutting-edge of technology

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So you've written a book?
Now what?

  • Books To Believe In offers professional Editing
  • We also offer award-winning Cover Design
  • We also offer Business Plan Development Coaching
  • We also offer Graphic Design
  • We also offer Kindle Book Design, Publishing & Coaching
  • We also offer Marketing Assistance
  • We also offer membership into The League of Extraordinary Authors
  • We also offer more Perks for publishing with us than any other publisher on the planet!


So you've published a book?
Now what?

  • We offer Social Media Packages
  • We offer Unique Advertising Opportunities
  • We offer the Virtual Book Shelf™
  • Personalized attention
  • Proprietary marketing advantages
  • Networking with hundreds of successful authors
  • Social Media training galore
  • Authors experience international sales & success

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Check out what our authors are saying:

Keith Weber
Author of Rethinking Retirement

Learn why Books To Believe In published Keith Weber's books

"Inexperience and ignorance are the real first-time author's curse. You just don't know what you don't know...

Education is the key to success for first-time authors like me. I was so grateful to learn a publisher's perspective.

It helped me make much more effective self-publishing decisions. It helped me choose the editor I hired, the graphic artist I used and I have paid back my investment in myself very early in my first print run!"

Jonathan Manske
author, speaker & life coach

Jonathan published his book The Law of Attraction Made Simple through Books to Believe In, and saw a complete return on his investment the 1ST day he had books in his hand!

Within 4 months he was into his 2nd printing. Now Jonathan is on his 5th printing of this first book, and has since published 3 other books with us.

Othniel Seiden, MD
Colorado's most prolific author

"I've written and published dozens of books...and my opinion of the publishing industry has changed over the past 20 years.

What Books to Believe In teaches about how to publish a book is up-to-date, addresses self-publishing and on-demand publishing (not available when I started out) and many more topics that are intended to empower the author to create and publish the books of their dreams! I teach how to write a book: So, You Want To Write A Book-Jumpstart Your Publishing Success, but when my students are ready to publish - I recommend Books to Believe In and EJ Thornton to them!"

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